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Chrysler 200 App as Text


Chrysler 200 App

Information Architect

Fall 2013

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The Chrysler 200 App features a UX as streamlined as the vehicle it promotes. 

Challenge FCA just emerged from bankruptcy and they were ready to launch an all-new vehicle, the Chrysler 200, designed from the ground-up.  This warranted a launch experience as spectacular as driving the vehicle.  Time was tight, just 3 months from concept to completion. 

Solution Two unique app experiences showcasing different content before, during and after the vehicle's debut.  The app needed to be easy, fun and quick to navigate.  It won an FWA.



PRE-DEBUT.  Teaser content prior to the 200's unveiling encourages return visits.  The navigation structure scales easily.

DEBUT.  Available during and after the 2014 NAIAS broadcasts the reveal and full vehicle details.