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Amy Stoddard

I majored in Biopsychology & Cognitive Science when the modern internet was still new, around 2000.  My alma mater didn't have a program to combine psychology with digital arts and computer science, so I taught myself to design and program.  Its become a lifelong drive to make technology work better for all of us.

I work diligently to build my programming skills and practice design/layout.  I began my career as a junior programmer, building and deploying email campaigns and worked my way up to becoming the UX lead for and DTE Insight.  I've had the privilege of working across the automotive, energy, medical and financial industries.   I am equally comfortable in a room full of developers as I am presenting in front of management.

I strive for efficiency and simplicity in everything I design.  I like helping brands realize the importance of cohesion across all their digital mediums.

When I'm not trying to perfect my craft I am a mother to two beautiful girls and a wife to an award-winning industrial and automotive designer.  We live and breathe good design in our family, including the design and renovation of our current home.

Feel free to download my resume.