The latest interactive technologies compliment timeless door and cabinet hardware.

Baldwin Hardware has been building door and cabinet hardware for more than 50 years. Their catalog is vast and their existing site made it difficult to understand and appreciate the technology used in their products. Working with Web Advanced, I assisted in feature concepts, UI and design to pack the new site with features. First, we designed a wishlist that can be easily shared across channels, making dialogue and planning easier between consumers, architects, decorators and showroom associates. For the design-challenged DIY consumer who doesn't know where to start, I conceived a "Find Your Style" visual survey to hone in on style preferences.

Baldwin has long offered the ability to pair different roses, knobs and levers to create semi-custom door hardware. Up until now, only industry professionals knew this option was available. So we brought this industry secret to the masses with a "Build Your Own" feature. The idea was so successful we were asked to take it a step further with a custom iPad app. Now Baldwin fans can create a custom design anytime, anywhere and share it as needed.

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Elegant design enhanced by German Engineering.

Bosch products are gaining popularity because of positive reviews of their dishwashers in North American publications. Working with Web Advanced, I designed an iPhone app to highlight features consumers care about that shatter the industry-standard. Visitors get to this custom app by scanning QR codes placed on product tags in showroom stores.

Web Advanced also asked me to design a timeline for pivotal moments in Bosch's 125-year history, as well as their committment to the environment.

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Teo Flatwear

Making your flatscreen the feature of the room.

Flat screen TVs were the first giant leap forward in simplifying interior design. Teo Flatwear takes it a step further with their plasma and LCD TV wall-mounted surrounds. Once again, the TV can become the feature of the room without adding clutter. Otterball provided me with vivid photography and hired me to design a website with simple navigation and clear technical specs that entice consumers, architects and decorators to use Teo Flatwear in their designs.

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Bringing an online and social voice to musicians everywhere.

Otterball is a small interactive design and development agency based half in Nashville and half abroad. Being partially based in Nashville, they're very connected to the music industry. My contact is a Texas-native whom I met while living in Korea. Otterball hires me to design lots of their musicians' websites. All of the sites have the same social components, music players, tour dates and blogs. Generally, I'm provided with photography and sometimes and album design. The assets are passed to me with very little direction and I run with it. Because the projects all follow a similar format and the musicians themselves are creative, it makes designing for Otterball a joy.

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Elegant interactive and business solutions to compliment world-class appliances.

Web Advanced was hired by Thermador to redesign their site and sales channels from the ground up, to create buzz among the emerging culinary enthusiast market and position them to better compete with high-end competitors like Wolf and Viking.

Web Advanced involved me heavily from the beginning. I was asked to help shape the messaging and architect the UI via wireframing, steps so often skipped in good design. I was educated on Thermador's business strategy and the challenges ahead as they pertain to online platforms. This gave me insight beyond what I'm used to receiving and made the design process so much more focused and easier.

While my involvement with Web Advanced and Thermador is ongoing and I've had input on just about every section on the site, I'll highlight some of the key sections here.

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McKinley Children's Center Mobile Site

Simplifying their message for mobile devices.

McKinley Children's Center mobile initiative arrived to me via Web Advanced. Another staff designer previously set the direction for the main site. But because of its intricate detail, it was difficult for the production staff to simply reduce the complexity by issuing new style sheets. Web Advanced asked me to simplify everything, so visitors on-the-go could get just the information they need and not get bogged down with extra megabytes. McKinley plans to include QR codes in their print material to drive traffic to this site.

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Pacific Power Source

Bringing some style to otherwise mundane electronics.

Pacific Power manufactures devices that measure miniscule fluctuations in electric current. Apparently these flucuations are crucial to services we take for granted every day. PPS services large industries, such as the military and aerospace. While the electronics they manufacture aren't nearly as exciting as a the latest cell phones, they needed a site that reflects their world-class design, manufacturing and testing facility located in Southern California.

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Helping customers and contractors experience the technology behind time-tested locks.

What do you do when your company's branding and product messaging don't clearly communicate the benefits that your products actually deliver? That's the challenge Kwikset faced when they arrived to Web Advanced to tackle a major website revamp. I was challenged to architect UI and design for the needs of two sets of customers - retail customers and trade professionals - each with a unique set of information requirements. I worked closely with Web Advanced to simplify the visual messaging for consumers, making it easy and interesting to learn about technology in the latest Kwikset door hardware.

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AER Technology

Electronics come and go. But throwing old stuff into a landfill is so 2005.

AER Technology works with automakers to remanufacture and recycle electronics for reuse. This is not a company where I can walk in with an old cell phone and ask them to refurbish it. Each device that comes through AER Technology goes through rigorous inspection, replacing screens, chips and any other technical jargon your can imagine. When they arrived to Web Advanced to redesign their site, they need to tell their story clearly. While not all devices are remanufactured the same, they needed engaging interactive tools to highlight some of what they do. So I designed layout and components sure to convince technical and non-technical alike that buying remanufactured is better and cheaper than buying new.

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Celebrating 160 years of America's favorite sewing machine.

Sewing isn't as popular as it used to be due to changing technology and removal of home economics in schools. Even so, Singer remains committed to techology. For their 160th anniversary, Centresource tapped me to design "the ultimate sewing circle." They provided wireframes and asked me to provide the vintage magic in the design. The site provides sewing enthusiasts a platform to share their sewing stories, as well connect locally in their own communities.

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The Camp Authority Mobile

Making getting ready for summer camp fun and easy.

This project came to me by way of Digital Surgeons. Extended vacations can be hectic for parents. For many, sending their child off to camp is part of it. Since the current generation of 7-13 year olds is the most tech saavy yet, I was asked to design a mobile app from the ground up that empowers kids to get ready for camp by packing all the right things. Parents rejoice! I architected interactive wireframes and designed every screen.

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